What should I do next?


I. Where you WANT to go

VISION – determining your vision and goals for retirement. STRESS TESTING your current portfolio is this powerful first step in the G.P.S. process. It will help you identify strengths, opportunities, potential issues and concerns with your current financial situation.

II. Where are you now

Assess what you HAVE – your STRESS TEST will be reviewed to see the current risk, cost and income of your current portfolio. The PORTFOLIO STRESS TEST will determine inconsistencies with where you want to go. Solutions to fix any problems as well as creation of a retirement income plan will be discussed.

III. Calculate route

Your Plan – the strategies discussed during your second meeting will be implemented. Reaching goals requires action. Once your route is calculated, you should have an easy-to-follow path to reach your retirement goals.

IV. Re-assess

Continuous review to keep you CONNECTED to your retirement path – your portfolio will be monitored to ensure it is in line with your objectives, including any new changes, situations or needs that may arise.


Strategies for Financial Independence

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